Collaborative Practice

Separation, Divorce & Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice, sometimes called Consensus, is a way of providing a non-confrontational solution for couples to separate. It brings together specially trained family lawyers, finanical advisors and therapists to work together with the couple to negotiate the practical, financial and emotional difficulties of separation. Collaborative Practice ensures that both parties are heard and avoids going to court.

My role as a Collaborative therapist is to help my client to move through their range of feelings associated with the separation and help support them through the process. It is quite different from regular counselling, much faster paced, focussed and directive, and of course it involves working alongside your legal team.

You can find out more about the process on the Collaborative Practice website. Please contact me if you think this approach to separating may be for you.


You can also contact the following Collaborative lawyers in the Borders:

Blackwood & Smith in Peebles and speak to partner Sally Swinney

Edingtons in Galashiels and speak to partner Susan Edington